Highlight your beginner learning programs on your web site and make it easy for beginners to find them. Designate a new or existing beginner program for a “special deal” during January and draw attention to it during that month.

Make sure all programs are developed among and communicated to your staff including management, marketing and instructor staff.

Review the Partner Toolkit at www.ski-snowboard.org. Use it as a resource for a variety of topics such as research, graphics, tools and information on how to reach beginners. Take note of the findings in the NSAA Beginner Conversion Study posted in the toolkit. Cultivator Advertising and Design developed all graphics.

Use every communications channel available to promote your offers including incentives for season pass holders and other existing customers to help you “spread the word”. These are your best Ambassadors and influencers over others.

Review the updated www.learntoskiandsnowboard.org web site and the unique feature called "Your Mountain". This is a joint effort among NSAA, PSIA-AASI, NSP and LSS(M)/BAF organizers. Here is a link:


Use the simple registration form in the partner toolkit (www.ski-snowboard.org) to have your “learn to” and “Bring a Friend” programs posted in the Special Offers section of www.learntoskiandsnowboard.org. Your offers will be listed according to your state with the description you send, your logo and a link to your web site.

Send LSS(M)/BAF organizers press releases (a simple word document) about your programs for posting in the popular News section of www.lesrntoskiandsnowboard.org

Take advantage of the FREE Bring a Friend Challenge by letting your current customers know they can win great prizes simply by helping newcomers sign up for beginner lessons from professional instructors. There is no work on your part other than promoting the program. Everything is done online and is coordinated by LSSM/BAF organizers at www.bringafriend.org

Take advantage of the FREE #firstdayfaces social media campaign. Encourage beginners to post photos of themselves having fun on their first day using the hash tag #firstdayfaces. Their photos will be displayed on the learntoskiandsnowboard.org web site. Beginners will get a $50 gift voucher from skis.com or snowboards.com by posting their photo and verifying haven taken the lesson via a receipt. There is little work on your part other than promoting #firstdayfaces since everything is done online.

Create your own Bring a Friend Challenge or First Day Faces campaigns.

Use the Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Snowflake) logo to identify your January offer. It helps tie in your program with the “national initiative” publicity outreach. Post the logo on your home page and your learning page. (Toolkit)

Do the same if you have a “bring a friend” offer by using the Bring a Friend logo to identify your programs. Again, this helps tie in your programs with the national effort. (Toolkit)

All materials are FREE and are available to you via the partner toolkit at www.ski-snowboard.org