World Snow Day (Part 2 of The Triple Play)

Last year, more than 400 locations hosted World Snow Day events including a few in the U.S. It is most popular in Europe. World Snow Day draws attention to snow sports and encourages lessons.

This season’s World Snow Day takes place on Sunday, January 21, 2018. The program has been in existence for several years but it always has fallen on Martin Luther King weekend making it difficult for U.S. businesses to participate. This year, the international event is the weekend AFTER MLK so it creates a good follow-up opportunity to the Bring a Friend Challenge Weekend. We are positioning it as “Part 2” of our “Triple Play strategy to attract new skiers and snowboarders.

World Snow Day is part of the FIS Snow Kidz program for which organizers offer cash prizes for the “best programs”.

Here is a link to World Snow Day:

How Can I Get Involved?

Think of World Snow Day as another unique opportunity to focus a promotion in a specific time frame when snow sports will be getting media visibility. It is a chance to reinforce among newcomers the joys of learning how to ski or snowboard. You could create a second Bring a Friend Challenge day on January 21 or do something entirely different.

Celebrate World Snow Day by planning or being part of an event or activity meant to attract newcomers. Individual resorts are encouraged to organize events on their own or via a partnership with their resort association. Retailers also are being encouraged to take advantage of and highlight World Snow Day.

Some of the same activities cited for the Bring a Friend Challenge Weekend can apply to WSD. Here are some additional suggestions:

Consider a World Snow Day Weekend and work with lodging partners on a special package that includes learning.

Develop a special WSD lesson package.

Consider focusing on kids for World Snow Day and provide special programs for them.

Use WSD as an opportunity to bring back newcomers who took a first-timer lesson or lesson package during the Bring a Friend Challenge weekend. Give them an incentive to return.

Consider hosting a World Snow Day/Bring a Friend party on January 21, 2018 in collaboration with a retailer partner.

Consider working with a local retailer or retailers to organize a trip to your area on January 21, 2018.

List your World Snow Day activity/event on the web site (REGISTER HERE) and also on the World Snow Day web site. The LSS(M)/BAF organizers are working closely with WSD to coordinate efforts.

PR Messages

Several research-based PR messages are listed in the Partner Toolkit. These messages are intended to reinforce the reasons newcomers want to learn how to ski or snowboard and mitigate the deterrents that discourage them from doing so. Feel free to use this information.

Snow Kidz” Campaign

World Snow Day is actually part of a larger FIS program called “Snow Kidz” The program lends itself more to resorts but also can apply to local retailers. Organizers offer monetary prizes for the best programs. The URL is listed below.

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