Winter Olympics (Part 3 of The Triple Play)

The Winter Olympics offer a unique opportunity to attract new skiers and snowboarders simply due to the increased visibility the sports get via a variety of media coverage.

The use of the Olympics rings is prohibited unless organizations and businesses are official partners. Even the use of the word "Olympics" can be tricky unless used in a factual context. We are not suggesting any inappropriate or illegal use of the Winter Olympics. 

However, there are ways to leverage the Games to draw attention to skiing and snowboarding and, most importantly, attracting beginners who want to learn.

Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend organizers are working with the USSA and other partners to develop some creative ideas.

Here are some ideas we are pursuing:

Ask prominent Olympians to do a simple phone video of themselves encouraging newcomers to learn how to ski or snowboard (from a pro). A short script would be provided and videos would be posted on social media.

Encourage product suppliers who support Olympics athletes to mention how to find lessons and especially highlight

Things you can do.

If you have a relationship with a previous Olympic athlete, ask him or her to use social media to encourage lessons for beginners. Or, find opportunities for other media attention for the athlete with a message about learning the sports.

Create an “Olympics Watch” party and encourage newcomers to attend. Get newcomers excited about the sports.

Encourage current customers to “bring a friend” during the Olympics time period. Provide an enticement for both the current customer and the newcomer.

This document will be updated with additional suggestions.