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10 Tips to Get the Most out of Available Programs:

We all want to get newcomers involved in skiing and snowboarding. Only YOU can decide on your learning programs for beginners. However, we (your colleagues) can help you promote them and also help you take full advantage of the opportunities available to you as a LSS(M)/BAF partner.

1) Decide Early

Let us know which programs you will be participating as soon as you can in the fall. Even if you don't want us to promote your programs early, at least let us know your plans so WE can plan better to help promote YOU. You can create a newcomer or Bring a Friend program that can be listed druing the month of January and beyond. THis year, you also can take advantage of The Triple Play, a new strategy that includes and ehnhances on-going learnting programs. 

2) Send Details

As soon as you have confirmed your program and offer details, please share with us. At a time that is appropriate for you, your information it will be posted on the January Specials page at We typically post Bring a Friend and January Learn to offers in mid-Deember so we don't interfere with your holiday packages. This year, we are promoting the first weekend in January as Bring a Friend Weekend (Jan. 5 - 7, 2018). Consider piggy-backing on this PR effort by creating programs that can draw attention to your business that weekend.Twwo weeks later (after MLK weekend) we will be celebrating World Snow Day on Sunday, January 21, 2018. This is another opportunity for partners to take advantage of in regard to new customers. 

3) Make it Easy

Don’t forget, Never Evers need all the help they can get to navigate not you’re your area but also your web site. Make your ‘Learn to’ information easy to find on your web site starting with your home page with a link to your learning page. If it isn’t easy, new customers are likely to go elsewhere.

4) Online Registration

Consider linking your learning program page to a web based lesson registration page. Again, this makes it easy for newcomers to sign up for your learning programs. Simplify your offers.

5) Toolkit - Use the Creative

Use the LSS(M) and/or Bring a Friend logos/banners to help consumers identify your programs that are tied in with the national promotion efforts. Manynewcomers start their learning program search at or because of initiative social media and PR efforts. Consumers will recognize these logos when they come to your web site. You also can use ALL of the materials and resources in the Partner Toolkit.

6) Get a National Push

Include information about the Bring a Friend Challenge and First Day Faces programs in your efforts. These programs are FREE for you to use. They are heavily promoted through the initiative’s PR and social media channels. 

8) Focus on the Future

A little bit of marketing today for new skiers and snowboarders could mean a new customer for life. Use every viable communications channel at your disposal to promote your own Learn to programs. Engage your local media where possible.

9) Share your PR

Send LSS(M)/BAF organizers a press release (A WORD DOCUMENT, PLEASE!) that can be posted in the Press Release section. The release should contain basic information about your program(s) including the target audience, short description of your offer, costs, days and hours and how the consumer can get further information or register.

10) Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…

Use the initiative’s social media channels to extend your own outreach the collective efforts of us all will greatly increase consumer interest in learning how to ski or snowboard. Use the following hastags when posting and encourage your guests to do the same. #bringafriend, #firstdayfaces, #learntoski, #learntosnowboard.