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Reason #1: ONE Billion Media Impressions in 2016-17 season: Media exposure creates awareness for skiing and snowboarding)

Last year, the initiative generated ONE BILLION media impressions for learning how to ski or snowboard. This visibility helps create awareness for YOUR beginner learning programs and for skiing and snowboarding in general. We organize a robust PR effort that utilizes traditional and social media. We used information from the NSAA Beginner Conversion Study to craft beginner-orients PR Messages that will be distributed in the coming year. For example, eeverone - especially Millenials - wants to life a healthy lifestyle so we are building a media push around that finding. Feel free to use any and all messages in your own outreach. 

Plan your "Learn To" and Bring a Friend programs as early as possible. Fall is a great time to provide information about your program to LSS(M)/BAF organizers even if you don't want to promote them publically until later in the season.  October 1 is a good time to finalize programs but your information is welcome anytime. 

We will post press releases about your January Learn To programs and Bring a Friend programs in the NEWS section of the web site. Just send a WORD DOCUMENT to MJ at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The section gets a LOT of attention. 

NOTE: We have developed a new Straategic Plan to execute the LSS(M)/BAF initiative this year. 


Reason #2: The NEW Triple Play Offers a Fresh Approach

This year, the new Triple Play strategy is intended to generate additional publicity by focusing on specific timeframes.

The Bring a Friend Weekend (Jan. 5 - 7, 2018) kicks off Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and is the start of the Bring a Friend Chellenge. We urge you to create a special promotion that draws attention to your location and learning programs.  

World Snow Day is Sunday, January 21, 2018. This international event is coordinated by the FIS and has a track record. It previously was held on Martin Luther King weekend so few U.S. venues participated. In 2018, it is the weekend after MLK. This is a great opportunity to continue with or enhance "Learn To" or Bring a Friend programs introcuded during Bring a Friend Weekend. 

The Winter Olympics take place February 5 - 25. While direct promotional references to the Olympics are for official sponsors only, the increased publicity can help shine a spotlight on learning programs across the country. 

The Triple Play is a strategy meant to help focus attention on learning how to ski or snowboard. Any and all on-going LSS(M)/Bring a Friend programs should be considerd. 


Reason # 3: Awesome Web Site that Make it Easy for Beginners to Find Resources Including YOUR Resort

Finding locations for lessons and speaking to beginners on their own terms are key elements of the web site, the ONLY industry site totally dedicated to attracting newcomers. "Find Resorts" helps guide newcomers to local areas using a zip code search, the TIps menu and Glossary of Terms are intended to "de-mystify" the world of skiing and snowboarding.



Your ski/snowboard area is listed on the LSS(M) web site, according to states, so newcomers can easily find it. This resource is meant to serve YOU! Consumers who know little about skiing and snowboarding have multiple ways to find lessons at your venue. The site also includes a plethora of basic information targeted to beginners. All partners are welcome to use any information contained on the site. 

In addition, the web site hosts a page listing ALL learning programs that partners register and especially those offered via the Triple Play and the month of January. The page includes links back to YOUR site for details.  

Our social media outreach via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc helps push out your information and information about the initiative in general. 


Reason #4: LSS(M)/BAF Advocates Lessons from a Pro to Minimize the High Dropout Rate - Make Finding Lessons Easy

LSS(M)/BAF advocates taking beginner lessons from professional instructors and not friends or self-teaching attempts. These latter approaches often contribute to the high drop out rate) of 83%. Getting newcomers hooked the “right way” from the start is important for converting those newcomers into lifetime enthusiasts. 

Making it easy for beginners to find learning programs on YOUR web site can make the difference between attracting newcomers or turning them off. Especially during January, consider posting a link from your home page directly to your learning page. Follow the "KISS" method. Too many chices can be confusing. Consider a button ot tab on your home page that leads directly to your leanring programs and especially those for beginners. 



lssm package


Reason #5: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

You can list your Learn To and Bring a Friend programs on the web site and we will help you promote them. Use the Submit Offer Details form. Your listing will  apprad in "Special Programs" and will include a short description, your logo and a link back to your site. 

The Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative enjoys widespread industry support among resorts, retailers, suppliers, reps, instructors, the trade media, USSA athletes and the national club network. Working together we all can grow our businesses. Ski and snowboard areas have many opportunities to partner with other segments of the industry on programs targeted to beginners.

A ski/snowboard area is typically where a beginner starts. As advocated by NSAA’s Model for Growth, the first step toward a successful “learn to” program is to have a strategic and action plan that outlines how to achieve the strategic goals. A strong working relationship among management, marketing, rental operations, and ski school is critical to the success of any area-wide initiative. In addition, LSS(M)/BAF organizers have developed a Strategic Plan to help partners succeed. 


Reason #6: MESSAGING - Skiing and Snowboarding are FUN, Friend and Family-Oriented Activities Involving LOTS of Camaraderie

Our extensive PR efforts position skiing and snowboarding as FUN, Friend and Family-oriented activities, an approach that easily can be integrated into all partners’ promotions. Simple, consistent messaging is important in a world where consumers are barraged with information each day and have high expectations. PR Messages utilized throughout the initiative are based on the NSAA Beginner Conversion Study that stemmed from the original Model for Growth. 

Press releases focusing on spefific beginner-oriented messages are posted on the web site and distributed through a variety of media channels. Partner press releases follow suit.  

Humans Hibernate

Humans Were Never meant to Hibernate is the slogan for LSS(M)/BAF. It’s a message that is simple and adaptable. It encourages children and adults to get outside in winter and enjoy snow activities like skiing and snowboarding. The concept is intended to appeal to beginners.


Reason #7: Bring a Friend Challenge and #firstdayfaces

Industry research indicates that people are exposed to skiing and snowboarding because someone – a friend or family member – introduces them. And, few people want to go or learn alone. 

Bring a Friend Challenge: The Bring a Friend Challenge is an online promotion that rewards current skiers and snowboarders who help introduce newcomers to beginner lessons. It also is open to newcomers who introduce other newcomers. It is FREE for any LSS(M)/BAF partner to use.

Those who register for the Challenge and qualify can win prizes for their efforts. This year, the Challenge starts on the Bring a Friend Weekend (Jan. 5 - 7, 2018) runs through the end of the Winter Olympics (February 25, 2018). The Challenge requires no work for resort partners except to promote it. Of course, partners can develop their own Bring a Friend program.

First Day Faces: The #firstdayfaces sociall media campaign targets newcomers having fun on their first learning day. Newcomers who post photos of themselves and/or friends having fun learning can win prizes. This also is totally online and FREE for partners to use. 

groups families


Reason #8: Encouraging Partnerships Can Pay Off in Spades

The Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative lends itself to leveraging partnerships. You have many opportunities to partner with other industry constituents in your geographic area. With a small industry like snow sports, partnerships can be cost efficient and effective. 

Working with local retailers, your resort association, tourism department, chambers of commerce can make your marketing dollars go much further. For example, retailers can help you promote beginner lessons to consumers who might think them unnecessary. They also are a resource for newcomers who have taken beginner lessons and want to continue with skiing or snowboarding. Retailers can play a valuable role in industry efforts to educate consumers about topics such as how to dress for colder weather and how to determine suitable products. Making sure that newcomers have the basic information can often mean the difference between those who become lifetime enthusiasts and dropouts. 


 Reason # 9: Consider the Impact of "Influencers" defines influencers as "a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media" Influencers could also be those who work at your business - such as members of the National Ski Patrol. Partnershios and influencers go hand in glove. Consider the fact that Millenials rely heavily on "influencers". 

Our industry Ambassador program highlights active supporters of the LSS(M)/Bring a Friend effort. All passionate industry colleagues and supporters are welcome. These folks truly are influencers and are listed in News/About on the web site. Details for the Ambassador program are HERE. 


Reason #10: Act Locally, Think Globally – a Logical Approach

Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month) and Bring a Friend are national programs but the real action takes place locally. Partners design and implement their own “learn to” programs to their own selected audiences. Below is an example of how one retailer is helpig to encourage taking lessons during January. 

retail website