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1) Include information about LSS(M)/Bring a Friend at Sales Meetings and especially and especially our new strateg for 2017-18 - The Triple Play

Talk to your reps about these programs at sales meetings. Encourage your reps to work with retailers and resorts that are organizing an LSS(M) or BAF program. Include information about LSS(M)/BAF (provided by organizers) at meetings so your reps know you support it and also can learn what it is about.

For the upcoming season, we are introducing a new strategy that incorporates the existing elements of the LSS(M)/BAF initiative and it is called The Triple Play. We want to capitalize on three elements - the new Bring a Friend Weekend, World Snow Day and the fact that 2018 is an Olympics year. Please know that we are NOT adding new things to the LSS(M)/BAF initiative but re-packaging them. If you have a relationship with a reort or retailer please talk about this with them. 

Benefit: New customers will want to purchase your products but you can’t sell to them if you can’t get to them. Gaining new customers takes a team and helping to educate your reps and dealers is an important first step.


2) Ask your reps to tell dealers about Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month the Bring a Friend effort and #firstdayfaces. 

Most of your dealers’ customers already are skiers or snowboarders, Ask your reps to talk to dealers about Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (January) and Bring a Friend programs that will be posted at Suggest creating a  “Bring a Friend” post card or flyer using art from the partner toolkit at They can brand the information with their shopname. Tell them about the #firstdayfaces social media campaign that offers prizes for First-Timers who post photos of their first day learning on their favorite social media platform. 

The cards or flyers can be made available at pre-season sales and swaps or at special “Newcomer Clinics” organized by dealers. Industry research indicates that a friend or family member introduces most newcomers. (See item #1) for “talking points”.

Benefit: This relatively simple tactic is a cost effective way to leverage current participants who can influence new customers. Publicity generally leads to action.


3) Support the Bring a Friend Challenge with Product

The Bring a Friend Challenge will kick-start Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month on Bring a Friend Weekend (January 5 - 7, 2018). You can support the Challenge by providing a product or products that can be used to reward consumers who help introduce newcomers to beginner lessons. The Challenge is a turnkey web-based promotion that rewards those who help introduce beginners to lessons from professional instructors. It appeals to current skiers and snowboarders and even new ones who are in a position to get newcomers involved.This year, the Challenge will start on January 5 and it will run through the end of February or right after the  nd of the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

We post the winners of the Bring a Friend Challenge on the LSSM Facebook page. The postings always generate a lot of interest. We also post on Twitter and distribute press releases on the Bring a Friend Challenge 
baf card front

Benefit: Your brand will be exposed to current skiers and riders as well as newcomers at little cost to you. Those who qualify as Ambassadors tend to be motivated individuals for whom skiing or riding is a priority. They can help you spread the word about your product(s)




 4) Support special lease/purchase packages offered for newcomers by dealers

Work with your dealers and reps to offer a special LSS(M)/BAF product package for newcomers who want to buy or long-term lease after taking an initial beginner lesson. Most resort learning programs INCLUDE rentals so a lease package AFTER the first lesson or lesson package is best.

Benefit: This provides your dealers with a reason to get those newcomers into their shops in February to talk about your products and point out how today’s equipment can make learning and improvement so much easier. Your reps can provide the valuable link.


5) Support a LSS(M)/BAF Night Hosted by a Retailer and/or Club

Through your reps, support efforts by a local retailer or ski club to host a LSS(M)/BAF night in early January, ideally right before the Bring a Friend Weekend (January 5 - 7, 2018). Retailers can use it to get new customers and clubs can gain new members. It can be promoted via current customers and members. It’s a win-win.

Benefit: Your products gain exposure among new and existing customers in a personal setting where lasting impressions can be










6) Work with instructors that you support to reinforce LSS(M)/BAF programs at resorts

Each resort determines it own programs. Help your reps communicate with instructors at resorts that you service with rental products. and instructors are the touch point for beginners.

Benefit: Instructors typically are the first contact point for beginners and are in a position to influence learning as well as lease or purchasing decisions. A good relationship with instructor can help lead a newcomer to your products.



7) Sponsor the “Why I Love to Ski or Ride” Video Contest (PENDING)

Consider joining our sponsors of the “Why I Love to Ski or Ride” video contest. The contest helps spread the word about why skiing and snowboarding are such great activities to learn - from the eyes of dedicated enthusiasts.

Benefit: The contest tends to attract a younger demographic and one that uses social media extensively. Think of it as an extension of your own advertising campaigns.

lssm video contest promo


8) Use your media resources to support “learn to” programs

Tell the trade media about your efforts – especially regarding Bring a Friend - so they can extend the publicity to their own consumer audience.

Use your own web site and social media tools to encourage your customers to Bring a Friend for Fun (and lessons from a pro).



9) In general, send information about anything you do to help attract newcomers (a press release is best) to initiative organizers and SIA. We promote partners on the LSS(M) Facebook page. We also have two Twitter accounts and we use Pinterest and Google Plus. SA has extensive media reach with consumers as well.

Benefit: The more we know, the better we can help you gain visibility and awareness for your brand(s).