Following are suggestions. See other sections of the Patner Tool Kit for more ideas and information. Note that we are promoting a industry-specific strategy that we are calling The Triple Play. 


1) Let your audience know about The Triple Play and Bring a Friend Challenge. It appeals to current skiers and snowboarders

Industry research indicates that most people are introduced to skiing or snowboarding through a friend or family member. Your audience! Since your audience consists mainly of experienced skiers and snowboarders, let them know that they can win prizes by helping newcomers sign up for lessons from professional instructors. 

baf card front

Benefit: The Challenge gives you a reason to connect with your current audience and gain exposure to newcomers. BAF organizers capture data on both current participants and newcomers via registration.

2) Support and help promote Bring a Friend Challenge 

Those who register for the Challenge help newcomers sign up for lessons from a pro. Prizes are awarded to those who qualify.

Benefit: You have a turnkey campaign to promote that requires little work on your part; you can build brand loyalty with your current audience and tap a new audience;

4) Let your endemic advertisers know that you are a supporter of LSS(M)/Bring a Friend and the Bring a Friend Challenge - especially those actively involved.

Partner with industry colleagues already involved in these programs. Communicating offers with the public is imperative if we are going to reach newcomers either directly or via current skiers and riders. Find ways to help promote these growth initiatives with your advertisers.

Benefit: The more buzz we can create in the industry for the “learn to” strategy, the more likely we all are to succeed in generating new customers.

5) Consider creating and Including print ads or banner ads for LSS(M) and Bring a Friend.

Each media entity has its own style and branding. Consider including your own BAF print or posting a banner ad to further reinforce the publicity surrounding LSS(M) and Bring a Friend.

Benefit: Again, increasing participation in skiing and snowboarding enhances your chances of gaining new customers.

6) Use print editorial and social media outreach to connect with current skiers and riders who can influence newcomers.

Industry research says that current skiers and snowboarders are our best route for motivating newcomers. You have substantial resources to deliver a well-crafted message that will get results. Coverage does not have to be limited to January. For example, ten states operate “Passport” programs for elementary school children. These under promoted programs are a gateway to getting more youths involved. Many parents already involved are looking for cost effective ways to introduce their children.

Benefit: Increased business for you and your clients.