9 Reasons Why LSS(M)/BAF can help you attract new members

Reason #1: One Billion Media Impressions

Last year, the initiative generated more than a BILLION media impressions for learning how to ski or snowboard. This visibility helps create awareness for “Learn to” programs and skiing and snowboarding in general. Piggy backing on these promotional efforts can lead to new members for your club. Many newcomers would benefit from the guidance of experienced skiers and snowboarders like your club members.

Reason #2: Minimizing the drop out rate expands opportunities for clubs

We advocate that beginners take lessons from professional instructors and not friends. Nor should they attempt a self-taught experience. These approaches often contribute to the high drop out rate of 83%. Getting beginners started the “right way” means more lifetime enthusiasts and more potential members for your club.

Reason #3: Clubs are a great resource for beginners who can learn from “the Experts”

Club members can provide a great service to beginners who know little about skiing and snowboarding. You club has an opportunity to attract new members simply by helping with the learning process. For example, an LSSM/BAF program to attract newcomers organized by your club and a local retail shop can benefit both of you. A national search engine on the skiandsnowboardmonth.org web site makes it easy for newcomers to find your shop.

Reason #4: Skiing and snowboarding are FUN and a gateway to new friends

The initiative helps newcomers grasp the benefits of learning how to ski or snowboard by positioning the activities as FUN, Friend and Family-oriented activities. This messaging can easily be adapted through club promotions. Simple messaging is important in a world where consumers are barraged each day with millions of messages. One industry study showed that “not having anyone to go with” was a barrier for getting involved. Joining a club makes skiing and snowboarding more fun for newcomers and offers “instant friends”.

Reason #5: Bring a Friend Challenge rewards those who help newcomers sign up for beginner lessons

Industry research indicates that people are exposed to skiing and snowboarding because someone – a friend or family member – introduces them. Industry research indicates this is the best route to recruitment and taking lessons from a trained professional is the best way to learn.

The Bring a Friend Challenge rewards current skiers and snowboarders who help introduce newcomers to beginner lessons as well as newcomers who introduce other newcomers. Those who register for the Challenge are considered Ambassadors. The Challenge offers prizes for those who register and comply with the rules. The Challenge starts on Bring a Friend Weekend (January 5 - 7) and runs through February. The Challenge is online requiring no work except to promote it. Start your own Bring a Friend program.

Reason #6: Act Locally, Think Globally – Be part of the campaign

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (LSSM) and Bring a Friend (BAF) are national programs but the real action takes place locally. Partners, including clubs, develop their own “learn to” programs for their own selected audiences. We can help you get results with aggressive PR and web sites that are designed to inform newcomers on how to get involved with skiing and snowboarding.

Involve local resort partners and instructors in your own “recruitment program” with LSSM and BAF as a PR “hook”. Resources for beginner clinics and other special promotions are provided FREE through the LSSM/BAF Partner Tool Kit.

Reason # 7: Humans Were Never Meant to Hibernate – a simple pitch for Newcomers

Humans Were Never meant to Hibernate is the slogan for LSSM/BAF. YOU can provide reasons – skiing and snowboarding - for children and adults to get outside in winter. Let your own creativity be your guide. It may be a way to generate new members.

Reason # 8: Awesome web sites with your club listed – Free exposure for YOU

With your club’s listing, you are part of the industry-supported LSSM web site dedicated to introducing and converting newcomers to skiing and snowboarding. This resource is meant to serve YOU! The Bring a Friend Challenge web site is dedicated to rewarding current participants who help convert newcomers.

Reason #9: Widespread Industry support & collaboration = Growth)

The Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month/Bring a Friend initiative enjoys widespread industry support among resorts, retailers, suppliers, reps, instructors, the trade media, USSA athletes and the national club network. Working together we all can grow our businesses and membership.