Following are suggestions. For more ideas, see other sections of the Partner Tool Kit and especially  the Retailers  section. 


1) Talk to your dealers about LSS(M)/BAF

Retailers come in direct contact with consumers and all dealers belonging to buying groups are partners. Include in your fall travels information about LSS(M)/Bring a Friend. The more industry colleagues know about LSSM/BAF, the more effective we will be in attracting new customers. That translates into selling product. Talking points are available. Here is a link to what we are suggesting for Retailers. 


2) Use fall swaps/clinics and special January promotions as an opportunity to promote LSS(M)/BAF.

Fall swaps and sales offer excellent opportunities to promote the Bring a Friend Challenge and Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Work with your retailer and resort clients on ways to do this – such as a simple poster or flyer or web page that can promote the Bring a Friend Weekend, for example. One retailer used their web site to offer, during January, a $50 gift voucher for anyone who took a beginner lesson in January and sent in a receipt. The average spend was $200. Good ROI!



3) Work with your dealers to promote a “Beginners Lease/Purchase Special” AFTER the first beginner’s lesson (these already include rentals)

Since resorts promote their “best offers” in January, work with retailers to offer an incentive for newcomers who just took beginner lessons so they have a reason to come into a shop in February - perhaps for a lease program AFTER the lessons or to purchase apparel and accessories. Most resorts include rentals in their lesson packages. It can position your brands for purchase. 


clinicpostcard4) Work with retailers on a Bring a Friend promotion (newcomers) targeted to existing customers.

Work with retailers on an incentive for customers to “Bring a Friend” to a shop for an “Introduction to Skiing and Snowboarding” clinic such as “How to Dress for Skiing and Snowboarding”. Many newcomers are clueless. It’s a great way to get current customers and new ones into the shop.


5) Support the Bring a Friend Challenge

Support the Bring a Friend Challenge. Several suppliers provide product prizes for the Challenge. ANYONE, including those in the industry can participate. The goal is to get newcomers to try skiing and snowboarding - so you can sell more products.

The Challenge is free for partners. It requires little work other than promoting it. It rewards your dealers’ customers for helping newcomers take beginner lessons from a professional instructor. Everyone looks like a hero. Brands are listed on the web site and promoted heavily via social media channels and PR.

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