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This is the 10th Anniversary year for this industry-wide initiative designed to attract NEW skiers and snowboarders. Collectively, we have introduced nearly ONE MILLION children and adults to our sports via lessons from a pro. Those newcomers have infused at least $14 million dollars into our industry. 

Together, let's make it easy for newcomers to find information about trying our sports. AND, let's make it FUN!

The "national" web site for the initiative is If you have a special January "Learn to" offer,  plese register it HERE. We will post it and we wil use our communications channels to promote it.   

Offers Vary

Offers vary from venue to venue. Typically, Level One beginner lessons consist of a lift ticket, lesson and rentals. Some are one day and some are multi-lesson programs or programs with incentives to return more than once. Most venues use a package that already exists but they discount is during January to make it "special". Programs need to work on a local level so YOU decide what you want to do. 

Also, YOUR offer should appear on YOUR web site on a page that is easily accessible by consumers. The site is a conduit to drive traffic your way. It is a central depository for information targeted to BEGINNERS. 

Please use, or consider using, the materials included here as you communicate your offer(s). The logo has become very recognizable among consumers. Our suggestion is to use it on your home page and also on your learning page so that newcomers can easily find your beginner learning information.

The materials in this section are for partners to use as appropriate. Thanks to Cultivator Advertising and Design for creating all of our graphics.