Bring a Friend

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Bring a Friend – Most industry research shows that newcomers are introduced to skiing and snowboarding through friends or family members. Together, let's make is easier!

Bring a Friend programs are simply another way to encourage current skiers and snowboarders (or even new ones) to bring a newcomer to your venue for lessons from a pro. Some partners have programs that encourage season pass holders to introduce a newbie. Many provide incentives for those who do so.  

Partner resorts are encouraged to create and deliver learning programs that provide incentives for bringing newcomers to a participating venue for beginner lessons. 

Also, consider helping us promote the Bring a Friend Challenge. It is free for you to use and all we ask is that you promote it. Details are coming soon. Go to for consumer info. 

The materials in this section are for partners to use as appropriate regardless of when your Bring a Friend efforts take place. Thanks to Culltivator Advertising and Design for creating all of our graphics.