The Triple Play – A Strategy for Generating New Skiers and Snowboarders


This is the 10th year for the Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend Initiative. We wanted to try something different and so we developed “The Triple Play”. It is a new strategy to draw attention to snow sports throughout the month of January (Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month) and beyond. It encourages newcomers to learn and it has great potential to create media attention for the sports. Additional Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and Bring a Friend programs are encouraged.

NOTE: Learn to Ski and Snowboard and Bring a Friend are overall themes. It always is up to partners to determine what works best regarding their programs. This toolkit provides details and materials for various types of partners to utilize. While ski and snowboard areas are likely to be the first stop for newcomers, becoming longer-term skiers and snowboarders is a process that requires many industry resources. There is a role to play for all of our partners – resorts, resort associations, instructors, retailers, reps, product suppliers and the media.

Bring a Friend Challenge Weekend (Part 1)

Part 1 of The Triple Play is the Bring a Friend Challenge Weekend, January 5 – 7. Historically, this has been a slow weekend, especially for resorts, because it falls between New Year’s and the busy Martin Luther King weekend. The Bring a Friend Challenge Weekend is being positioned as the “kick-off” for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. It will focus on what industry research indicates – that most people are introduced to skiing and snowboarding through a friend or family member.

World Snow Day (Part 2)

Part 2 of The Triple Play is World Snow Day. The international event is organized by the FIS. Resorts, retailers and suppliers throughout the world are able to participate. World Snow Day has taken place for several years and is especially popular in Europe. It usually falls on Martin Luther King weekend making it difficult for U.S. businesses to participate. NOT THIS YEAR. In 2018, WSD is on Sunday, January 21, the weekend AFTER Martin Luther King, thus making it feasible to rally U.S. organizations and businesses.

2018 Winter Olympics (Part 3)

Part 3 of The Triple Play is how to leverage the Winter Olympics to encourage newcomers to try skiing and snowboarding. Snow sports always attract more attention than usual during an Olympics year and this year will be no exception. UNless you are an official Olympics sponsor, you need to be careful how you use this opportunity. 

Organizers of the Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative are working with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and other partners to capitalize on this international event.

Details will be announced in the near future.

NOTE: Some LSS(M)/Bring a Friend partners may have additional events or activities planned during January. Partners are encouraged to make all such programs part of the “January Push” to get new skiers and snowboarders. Of course, “learn to” or DISCOVERY programs for beginners are promoted all winter long and leveraging the Winter Olympics is a way to do that.